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Ryan Orr, March Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to our Athlete of the Month, Ryan Orr!! This athlete exudes leadership in all aspects of his life.  Because of his charisma, he is able to influence his peers in a positive way and lead the way others to follow in his footsteps. During Ryan's time here at PFP, he has not only developed and grown as an athlete, but as a person as well!

"My name is Ryan Orr, I am a senior at Catoctin High School. I am the quarterback and captain for my school’s football team and plan to continue playing football at Clarion University in the fall. I began training with the coaches at PFP in the summer of 2020. Throughout my training at PFP, I have noticed a massive improvement in my overall athleticism. We have worked really hard to develop my speed, lateral quickness, explosiveness, and mobility. At PFP the coaches are dedicated to turning me into an elite athlete and they want to do it the right way. When I first began working out with the coaches I was extremely immobile in my hips and lower back, causing pain and stiffness while I would run. Over the course of a few months we have worked extensively to improve my mobility. This relieved my pain and it helped make me faster, more explosive, and simply made me a better athlete. I currently feel better then I have in my entire high school football career. Not only this, but I sincerely enjoy spending time with the coaches and athletes who go to PFP. Travis, Ben, and Erik are the three coaches that I have worked with the most. They are always willing to talk and help me with anything I need, whether it’s related to athletics, school, or just a personal issue. Overall, I have had an amazing experience at PFP and I definitely wouldn’t be the athlete or person I am today without it." - Ryan Orr

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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