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Ripple Effects of Virtual School

A lot of parents we are talking to are becoming increasingly worried with what looms ahead this fall for their kids.

They are concerned about the ripple effects of virtual only school ​combined with no organized athletics. The two things that keep there kids on track, motivated, healthy, and out of trouble are gone for now.

We are beginning to predict the effects of lack of interaction with authority figures and peers. Lack of discipline. Lack of structure. Lack of exercise and movement. Lack of natural mental and emotional outlets, leading to bigger issues.

We have a great solution for you.

Years ago, we made a decision to build our business model around holistic youth development. An "inside-out" approach to helping young men and women be fully confident, healthy, and successful leaders. We train their minds, bodies, hearts, and souls.

PFP was built for times such as these.

"My kid is just happier when they are doing PFP."

"My child is more confident, more active, more motivated when they are coming into PFP."

We say this to you only to make a much needed point:

Your kid ​needs ​a positive, uplifting, motivating, active outlet this fall. It is no longer a "nice to have". It is a ​must have.​

There is no other option. If you have a place, we are SO happy that you do.

If your child is currently missing this, we want to invite you into PFP. Whatever their goals, personality type, fears, or desires, we have solutions.

Call us at 240-341-2921 or email us at let us know who your child is and what you are hoping for them to get out of PFP. We will set up a time to talk with you more.

You will not regret it as this will transform the confidence, joy, and performance of your

son or daughter.

Serving you and your family in times of need,

Coach Andrew, Coach Travis, and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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