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Results for Mom, Athlete, Dad, Kid

The mom who was 15 lbs overweight and barely had energy to get through the day, now has a sense of purpose and goals she’s pursuing which in turn teaches and inspires her kids to have goals.  

The young man who was scrawny and bullied is now strong and confident in who he is.

The young lady who was self conscious and hated her body now feels at peace knowing she’s healthy and fit and is performing better than ever in sports.

The dad who works a ton and who’s patience and energy is razor thin by 6 pm now is being the light, love, and laughter that his family wants him to be in the evenings.

The college student who was feeling beat down by coach, wondering if she was even meant to be there, is now captain of the team and leaving a legacy with the program

We make changes in our lives when we have a strong ​future now ​in mind.

PFP is great for:

✅ Student-athletes who are serious about getting the edge, becoming leaders/captains, about getting to their next level but are missing something- accountability, intensity in their program, mindset, leadership training

✅ Overlooked kids, athletes or not, who aren't fulfilled in school, who want to feel special, who are craving a place where they feel like they are valued and belong

✅ Adults (oftentimes parents) who’ve put their health on back burner don’t do well in a traditional big box gym where they are just a number, they need accountability, and they want to feel young again 😁

Click below to learn how you can get started working towards your future now, now.

Committed to your success,

Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. If you have already committed to training at PFP ask yourself this question, ​what is my next level? ​Is it increasing how often I train?

Is it taking advantage of the measurement tracking with the bi-monthly Inbody scans (ask your coach about this)?

Is it getting a MyZone​ to measure and improve my workout effectiveness? (get $50 off a MyZone here​)

Is it asking for more accountability and setting a specific goal?

Take your next step to the next level ​today!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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