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Releasing Stress + Gift for You

Trying to get your body to relax, feel better, and be more supple while your mind is filled with stress, tension, and/or anxious thoughts is like trying to open a locked door with a toothpick. It does not work!

Stress and tension are a package deal- if your mind is stressed and tense, your body will be too. Neuromuscular connection means your mind must connect with your body to get it to relax. Listen to this...

The other night I lead 30 or so people through a 3-Part "Feel Gooder" Virtual Experience.

Part 1: Releasing pain and tension through Foam Rolling (accountability and self massage techniques to help you movebetter so your muscles can feel better)

Part 2: Opening up the joints through Stretching- I took everyone through the movements and methods that actually get you more mobile and flexible (it is way more than just holding a stretch, you must have part 3)

Part 3: Breathing and "Release Tension" Meditation- this wraps it all together.

I invite you and/or your child to be on tonight's 5:15 pm Feel Gooder Experience. Sign up on your mindbody app now. It is more than a virtual exercise class- it is your opportunity that you deserve to have to feel good and release some of that tension you are carrying around.

No more toothpick door opening. Do it right. Release the tension and get your body to feel better and move well.  

Here is the recording of the Feel Gooder 30 minute experience I did on Tuesday-->  48 Hour Access to Feel Gooder Experience

You can download this to your computer so you have it forever, however this link will expire in 48 hours.  (we always start out with something fun...we did some riddles in the beginning of this class, feel free to fast forward if you want to skip right to the foam rolling ;-) )

Email to test out the "Feel Gooder" Experience tonight from 5:15-5:45 pm, your 1st experience is on me. (I know gooder is not a word...3 weeks locked up and you start making things up)


New Workouts for You!

PFP Virtual Experience Members- our amazing coaches have put together many new at-home workout training videos for you including:


  • TRX only workouts  
  • Band workouts  
  • Dumbbell strength workouts  
  • Speed and agility workouts  
  • And more...

Head to your online portal (check your private facebook page for the link) and access your new workouts. Go to the "Recorded At-Home Workouts" link*

Nutrition Tip from Coach Steph!

Warriors, I have been talking to some of you about what struggles you are having post with nutrition right now and the biggest response has been SNACKING!!

This is very understandable so I wanted to share one of my favorite snacks.... Apples and Cinnamon!

You can keep it simple and just cut apples and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

To take it one more step and make it more fun cut the core out and slice the apple in circles then add the cinnamon.

If you want to take it one step further you can use this link to make Cinnamon Apple Chips!


Today's Workout from Coach Chris!

Download now: Tabata Makes you Hotta Vol. 2

Stay strong my friend. Don't lose sight of that amazing vision for your future. It is awaiting you on the other side of this challenge, and what you do today matters!

All the best,

Coach Andrew

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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