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Rare Offer for Parents and Adults Who Want to Feel Confident and Get Healthy

Last year we began offering a one-time complimentary Success Session ($50 normally) to any parent of a student athlete who was just getting started at PFP.Generational Transformation is a big part of our vision, and we get excited when both a student-athlete and their parent  choose to start their journey to better fitness, health, and confidence at PFP.Today, we want to offer you the same thing. It is only fair :-).If you are a former PFP adult warrior, a parent who has considered training but never took the step, or just someone who has been struggling with health and fitness and needs a jumpstart, we want to give you this opportunity.If you are one of the first 15 people to reply to this email in the next 24 hours we will comp your Success Session.This Success Session is your 1st step to a breakthrough. Your coach will helps you set goals that matter to you, make you feel confident and comfortable in PFP and with the workouts we do, and most importantly we will help you build an initial plan to achieve your goals. It is the most valuable 1 hour you can invest in your health and fitness.12 weeks from now you could feel so, so much better and be on the path to feeling vibrant, healthy, and successful. We cannot wait to help you reach those goals.Dedicated to your success,The PFP TeamP.S. We can only take the first 15 people for this because of obvious limitations on time. Reply now to lock in a spot!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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