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Push Past Your Current Struggle

"Even though a butterfly has to struggle to release itself from the cocoon, we would never open the cocoon prematurely to spare him the pain. Instead of freeing the butterfly, it would shrivel up and die."

The same is true when we run from things that are challenging.

Athlete, maybe you are on a team right now with a coach that is very difficult.

Maybe this season is consistently a challenge and it feels like it is never ending.

Maybe you are experiencing difficult teammates, being ridiculed, or you are having a hard time adapting to a new role on a team.

Perhaps the weight room is scary and struggle for you and you are avoiding certain exercises so that you feel more comfortable.

Stay in the cocoon.

Embrace the discomfort.

Don't run.

Let the discomfort be your greatest developer.

Even in the hardest times I want you to ask yourself, "what will this challenge make possible for me? How can it mold me into the person I want to become?"

Dedicated to seeing you succeed beyond the norm,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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