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I was reflecting the other day, I remembered when I wrote about a message to a group of middle school aged kids at church a couple months ago, I was teaching them about why it is always important to PRESS ON no matter what life throws at you!

It made me really think about the power of owning where you are and taking the daily choices to continue to work toward your goals or desired end result.

A lot of people have said some extremely kind things about how I have been a motivator and inspiration to them with how I have stayed so positive. It feels great to be able to help people stay optimistic and continue to press on even when it gets hard or doesn't go your way.

However, I don't want the focus to be on me.  I watched a movie documentary (Charged) covering a story of a Eduardo Garcia who was shocked with over 2,400 volts! He really shouldn't of been able to survive.... Not to mention he was out in the middle of Montana and a long way away from his car and a hospital. He eventually made his way off the mountain and he got the care he needed.

I won't give all the details about Eduardo's amazing recovery because after multiple surgeries and physical therapy he was hit with another storm in life.  What is so amazing about his story is he never stopped pressing on!

If you want to hear more about Eduardo's story check out my Facebook Live at 12:15 today! (You can see it HERE​)

What I want you to think about is that we all have our own storms in life sometimes they are bigger and sometimes they are smaller, but we all face them.

So knowing that, what can you do to prepare yourself to handle those storms when you are right in the middle of them and feel like you cannot get out?! (tune in today and I will give you ways to overcome that)

Serving You,

Joe Pfister

Joe Pfister

Chief Operating Officer
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