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PFP Top Recommended Supplements

Grand Opening Specials Day 3! It is all about PFP's Top Recommended Supplements to maximize your fitness, health, sleep, and performance!

Supplements account for ~10% of your overall health and performance.

Nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, recreation, and other things account for the other 90%.

10% may not sound like much, but if I am trying to maximize my output, I am going to take 10% any day of the week. And if you or your athlete are like 99% of the population who are not getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, this is a no-brainer.

We don't push many supplements, but these ones we do.

At PFP TODAY, you can get ANY of our ​bars, FitAids, Isotonix, Vital Proteins, Gnarly, and more for 10% off!

NEW! Vital Proteins: Collagen is King! You can find our Vital Proteins line in PFP. We sold out of the SLEEP product yesterday, if you want it, let us know and we will order today. We will still honor the special as long as you order this week!

NEW! Isotonix- The World's Most Advanced Nutraceutical.

The delivery system is where the money is at. With most vitamin and mineral supplements, you absorb 45-50% of what you take. Which means, you throw away 50% of your money and only achieve 5% out of the 10.

Isotonic means "same pressure as". When mixed with water, these supplements become isotonic, the same pressure as your bodily fluids. This is why you absorb 95% of what you take and actually FEEL the difference.

"​I was a supplement skeptic. I took these reluctantly when my coach encouraged me to. My joint pain went from a 9 to a 5 in 3 days. My energy when I took the Activated B-Complex went up within 3 minutes of taking it. The stuff actually works."

​Do not take supplements just because you think you are supposed to.

Take them because you actually feel the difference!

We recommend:

The Daily Essentials Kit (multivitamin enhanced, b-complex, calcium plus, and OPC-3)

The Women's Health Kit

The Joint Support Formula

Champion Blend

Vitamin D


Vitamin C

There are no other products like these, I promise you.

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​Grab your FUEL in PFP today or ORDER during grand opening week!

Dedicated to your success,

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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