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PFP Family Daily Fuel

This is the day that has been prepared for us. There is meaning in this day. Pause often, smile, look at your loved ones in the eyes, take mental snapshots of each moment. Be the best version of you today and think about your vision for your future for yourself, your team, your family.

Today is Day 4 of the PFP Virtual Fitness Experience

“I was hesitant at first to do the virtual workouts. I thought to myself, ‘This might be embarrassing, and certainly won’t be worth it.’ I was wrong. I am sore today, I got to connect with my coach and get motivated by him, AND I had fun!”

You need to stay in routine my friend. If you have not yet tried this, please text a coach or get in touch with us via phone or email and let’s do this thing. Momentum starts today!

1. We have a NEW, Updated Calendar!

Adult Class Times are changing on MONDAY 3/23/20 to more closely reflect our normal PFP Adult Warrior Workout schedule. Which means TODAY, everything is the same.

Click Here to Access Updated Times and Information for Workouts

2. Nutrition Tip of the Day

5/5/5 Snacking Principle

Make sure if you are snacking throughout these long days, you are sticking to the 5/5/5 principle- yep, check the label!

5 grams of protein or more

5 grams of sugars or less

5 grams of fiber or more


-Veggies, hummus, nuts.

-Protein bar that is low in sugars, processed junk.

-Smoothie! (sugary yogurts, fruit juices, and other added sugars will leave you with a sugar crash- compound that overtime and you will start to see more body fat that you would like!)

3. Workout of the Day! (can also be accessed on your new membership website along with all previous day workouts)

“Let it BURN”

Work through each exercise for 20 seconds without rest between each exercise. After you have completed all 4 exercises, rest 20 seconds. Repeat the same flow doing 40 seconds of each exercise with a 40second rest at the end. One more time doing 60 seconds each exercise!

Round 1- :20/:40/:60

-      Blastoff Pushup

-      Shuffle Touch

-      Hollow Hold

-      CARDIO (High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Mt. Climbers, Burpees) - Choose ONE each round

Core Break (30 seconds each, 2 rounds)

-      ASLRs

-      Side Plank Dips (:15 each)

-      Alternating Bird Dogs

Round 2 - :20/:40/:60

-      Low Plank to High Plank

-      180 Squat Jump

-      Supermans/Swimmers

-      CARDIO (High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Mt. Climbers, Burpees) - Choose ONE each round

4. Mindset Fuel for a great start to you day

Be the COFFEE BEAN! 3 minutes to help you get better as a leader today for your family, kids, and peers. Click below to watch it and feel encouraged!

Be the Coffee Bean 3 Minutes of Mindset Fuel

We are here for you my friend. That will never stop.

With love,

Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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