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Patty Ainsworth: Warrior of the Month!

Patty is our November Warrior of The Month!

Patty joined a little over a year ago and hasn't taken her foot off the gas since. She is getting stronger with every workout. Since starting she's increased her goblet squat by 40lbs, she's increased her trap bar deadlift by 95lbs and completed the DEKA with an impressive 20:46 time!

She can't be stopped!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️"My journey to PFP began through my daughter, Gabby Alfano, who joined as a student athlete when she was a freshman at Brunswick High School. She was starting to play volleyball, so my husband Carlo signed her up to help improve her performance. Gabby absolutely loved her experience, attending twice weekly Athlete Small Group classes until she departed for UMD in fall 2021. Carlo also attended PFP classes for a year or so at the old location. My impression was of a very positive, challenging, supportive environment, so I resolved to join myself at some unspecified future time. I was busy with my work as a veterinarian, volunteering for Girl Scouts and the BHS Band Boosters. I was not entirely inactive, running regularly, hiking and practicing tae kwon do at Choi’s Martial Arts USA.

My first direct contact with PFP was at the old location, when I drove Gabby to class one Saturday morning. The woman at the front desk (Tanya!) greeted me with a hug and initiated an animated conversation. That is the quintessential PFP experience! Once Gabby went to school and only my son Alex remained at home, I resolved to begin my empty nest transition by joining PFP last August. What I was admiring from afar now became my own experience. The magic of PFP is the people, the entire staff shares an enthusiasm and spirit that is contagious. You have created a nurturing community devoted to the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all participants. I could not be happier with the help and support you have offered on my ongoing wellness journey." - Patty

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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