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Parent Encouragement {2020 Must Read}

Are you concerned that your child is not receiving the same education as they would have if they were in school​? Worried about the aftermath of 2020?

Don't forget this encouraging thought-->  the experiential education they are getting from ​LIFE ​right now could prove to be worth ten times more in their future than the missed classroom lessons.

This quote is only half true: "The bigger the struggle, the more glorious the triumph".

It is only true if your child constructs and maintains an empowering perspective.

How do I make sure my child constructs and maintains an empowering perspective through 2020?

1. Teaching Shapes Perspective

They need frameworks, analogies, and stories that will result in them saying, "Wow, I never thought about it that way..."

2. Mentoring Shapes Perspective

Right now your child really needs mentors who can share ​their ​personal experiences, struggles, and triumphs. These mentors will inspire your child and fill him or her with hope.

3. *Coaching Shapes Perspective

Different from a teacher or mentor, a coach is someone who will pose ​open ended questions and lead a young man or women to their OWN answers.

​​Nothing is more powerful than a great coach who asks great questions and can lead a young man or woman to water.

2020 can and should be the most valuable, pivotal, growth-inducing year of your child's life.

As long as you get them connected to the right sources, a year or two from now they will look back and confidently say they became a stronger, more resilient, more empathetic person ​because ​of 2020. #PerspectiveShift

Dedicated to your child's happiness and success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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