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Overcoming Body Image Struggles Female Athletes

Way too many young female athletes (and non athletes) struggle with they way they look. In fact, many young males do as well, their STRIVE to get bigger highlights a deep-rooted insecurity that cannot be solved through putting on more muscle.

They need 3 things to overcome this:

1. A non-threatening opportunity to bring it to light and a safe person to admit it to

2. To demolish the belief that the are holding onto about image

3. Create a new association and belief about their value and worth. They must link up pain to the old way of thinking and GAIN to the new way of thinking.

This month at PFP we are bringing to light the very REAL struggle with body image.

Well over 50% of young females admit struggling with the way they look. This amazing young lady overcame it. She's an inspiration and THRIVING. Here's how she did it!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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