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Nutrition for Teenagers

Make sure to read this through to the end. We've included a special nutrition opportunity -- this is such an important issue right now.

"She's eating 600 calories​ a day. She's tired, feeling unmotivated-- this is not a good path.​ She has no structure with her eating right now because before COVID, parents would pack her a lunch. Now, it's random eating throughout the day. 99% is carbs and it is only getting her to 600 calories. And, less than 16 oz of water.

She's not doing it on purpose, she is just missing structure and accountability- we all need it. COVID has messed everyone up. She's leaving performance on the table. We are going to meet every week and get her back on track."

This was my conversation with our Youth Nutrition Expert at PFP about a young lady she just started coaching 1 on 1 with nutrition.

This is what I have come to realize is normal for most kids right now, especially during these times. Young men and women not eating nearly enough and falling back on simple carbs and snacks throughout the day.

Young men and women ​wanting ​to put on muscle and increase athletic performance, but doing more harm than good. Caloric deficits and not getting nearly enough protein or healthy fats.

​The Nutrition Solution

For the first time in a year we are re-opening our Youth Nutrition Coaching with Coach Stephanie. She is a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and has helped so many PFP clients to regain control of the eating, establish a plan, and make it a ​lifestyle.

There are no quick fixes, only long-term, sustainable solutions. It cannot be overwhelming- it must be small, manageable, encouraging action steps. THAT is what Steph does. She a world-class coach and knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition.

Do to her limited schedule she only has 5 openings in this program. And, we are offering a rare 35% off. Click on this link to find out details and if this is something for your child.​

Stop Worrying, stop fighting with them over food, and let US help your child establish a plan for healthy nutrition habits​​

Dedicated to your child's health and success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

P.S. FOR ADULTS: If you are looking for nutrition coaching for yourself, she has a few openings on the adult side as well.

Click this link to grab a spot at 35% off and Steph will be in touch!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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