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Not having role models costs you BIG TIME!

Role Models

I cannot be what I cannot see.

You cannot be what you cannot see.

Your kids cannot be what they cannot see.

You are a wonderful role model to your children. But we all know they need more of them...


Role models:

  1. Help you avoid mistakes that could and should be avoided
  2. Inspire you through their actions, causing you to believe you can do it too
  3. Act as a natural guardrail to keep you on track. You do not want to disappoint them or engage in unhealthy, destructive actions that aren't aligned with them.
  4. Help you shortcut your success. They give you a vision which in turn gives you clarity of direction. Clarity always speeds up the process.

How do you find them?

How do you find anything that you want? You look for it, with laser like focus and intensity.

You ask around. You may not find it on Facebook Marketplace but you very well could find one on Facebook!

"I am looking for a role model for my son/daughter. Anyone know where to start?"

People love to share about the role models who have impacted THEM or their kids. It happens daily at PFP.

Define what you want from that role model. Role models by definition do not come alongside of you like a mentor or coach. However, they could. It all depends on what you ask of them.

Ask and you shall receive.

I cannot overstate the impact and life-changing power of good role models in my life. One of my role model's gave me the vision and courage to write a book. Another gave me the vision to open a business. And another has given me, through their example, the deep-rooted belief that I can be a great business leader and a great husband and father simultaneously.

Aside from God's leadership, love, and guidance, good role models may very well be the most important thing I've had going for me.

My Advice

Look. Now! Define what your "criteria" is for a role model for you and/or your children, and then write it down. Start looking for it, asking for it, even demanding it. It is THAT important.

NOTE: *Be careful who you appoint as your role model. What you see on the surface is not always reality. Sounds simple, but we are often influenced by people who are or who have what we think we want.


The only thing better than having role models is being one. You can start today. Make the changes you've been wanting to make and be the person you want to be today so that others look to YOU as their north star. It keeps you on track and acts as a powerful motivator to keep you growing and improving daily.

Dedicated to you and your child's success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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