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New Year, New You?

Sometimes just the thought or mention of a New Year’s Resolution puts a bad taste in our mouth.

Personally, I think this is either because


  • People have failed in the past


  • We hear other people’s DRASTIC and EXTREME resolutions (i.e., I want to run a marathon, drop 100lbs., work out everyday, reading 50 books when they hate reading, etc.)


  • We don’t know how to stick to them.

Obviously, you can create a goal anytime, any day of the year.

The New Year doesn’t HAVE to be the time when you decide to set a goal, but sometimes having a timeline of “I’m starting now,” helps us stay motivated and disciplined.

If you are one of those people who WANTS to accomplish your goals this years, there are some steps you can take to make sure you don’t fail like you have in the past.

1. Make sure you talk about your goal

Not only is it important to SAY your goals out loud so they become real, but it’s really important WHO you say them to.

We all have the “life-suckers” and negative nancy’s in our life.

If you repeatedly tell people in your life (sometimes this is people we love dearly,) your DREAMS and INTENTIONS and they respond negatively, aren’t receptive, or tell you about their failures and why it won’t work - find a new person.

You clearly have aspirations…. You’re a DREAMER. To make sure you then become a DOER, make sure you’re also telling a DREAMER.

Someone who encourages, is excited and makes you more excited to chase after that goal that you have!

2. Get HELP

You’re not alone in the fact that people need help and accountability to reach their goals.

Want to start a business?

Do you know how to start a business? No?

How do you expect to be have a successful 2019 goal of starting a business if you don’t know how?

There is information everywhere (free & paid for.) On everything…. And knowledge is power.

There is no excuse for not becoming educated in the area that you set your goals.

If your goal is to eat healthier, start listening to a podcast on the way to work that talks about nutrition.

Your goal is to be a better leader this year? Read a book about LEADERSHIP. (We have plenty ;-) )

Want to start a business, read, listen, search or HIRE a business coach.

You cannot be an expert at everything, so when you accept that there are areas of your life that you want to improve that you are not an expert in - invest or seek out expert knowledge in that area.

3. Small Steps….everyday.

January 1st comes and you decide you are completely changing the routine that you have.

You give up all the “bad habits” at once cold-turkey.

Small steps everyday is the key to long-term change.

If you want to stop drinking soda in the New Year or have a “healthier diet,” don’t go from “#0to100realquick.”

If you drink 6 sodas a day, cut it back to 3 and fill the others with a Carbonated Water.

If you want to eat healthier, ADD a vegetable to your breakfast or lunch - don’t completely change everything you’re doing and start SUBTRACTING.

In human nature, we don’t like deprivation…. So think about adding, not subtracting.

Moral of the story: New Years Goals don’t have to be cringe-worthy.

Many people’s success stories start with the first of the year, and yours can too.

Talk about it, get some help on them, and celebrate the small wins!

(I’m pretty proud of myself for reading a devotional in the morning the last three days. It took me 5 minutes to read… but by the end of the year: I know I’ll have reached some serious spiritual goals I have set.)

Let us know if we can help you with resources to reach your goals this year. We have tons of recommendations of books, podcasts, other people, and even knowledge ourselves that can help!

Let’s CRUSH 2019, guys.

Serving you,

Anna Zambreny

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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