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New Year, New Habits

As we enter into the New Year of 2020 I encourage you all to reflect on your nutritional choices of 2019.

What did you do well?

What is an area of improvement that you need to devote more focus to in 2020?

What is one action step that you are going to commit to doing to take your health to the next level?

During the Nutrition Workshop I hosted a couple a weeks ago we went over reasons people fail in their nutrition and I wanted to bring that up here so we know how to be on guard as we plan for better nutrition.

Reasons people fail:


  • Lack of knowledge (way they were brought up, believe what the industry has said about nutrition)


  • Laziness (does not make time for learning, looking up healthy recipes, meal prepping etc.)


  • There is no sense of urgency (when the kids are gone we will focus on that stuff, if i gain anymore weight then i’ll change). People normally start to focus on it once something happens like the Dr says they have high blood pressure, you see a past picture and realize you do not look like that anymore etc.


  • Excuses (no time. my kids won’t eat X,Y, and Z, I don’t like to cook, it is too confusing, it is easier to drive through, my dog ate my cookbook).


  • Comparison (So many other people feel the way they do so they don’t feel the need to change. Everyone struggles with this. Misery loves company.)


  • We have false expectations (I want to look like this person (skinny model with abs…) STOP right there!!! That is NOT you in that picture. That person does not have the same genetic make up as you, they do not have the same body type as you, they did not grow up where you grew up, they do not have the life that you have! SO STOP TRYING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE. We all have different body sizes, shapes, and types so do not try and fit your round peg into a square hole.  


  • We THINK we are making good choices and eating well but when you actually write down what you are eating, you realize you have not been as “good” as you thought.

​I challenge you to ask yourself...

"Do I fall into one or many of these reasons when it comes to my nutrition?"

​Be on guard against the excuses because there will NEVER be a perfect time to get thus whole (no pun intended ;)) eating thing right.

There will always be reasons to keep you from making the healthy choices, for taking time to shop and cook, and for preparing your meals.

I ask you to keep your true desires and goals in front of you and always remember your why!

Here is to the New Year and New Habits Warriors!


Coach Steph


If you need a coach for the "how to" and accountability you can set up a 30 minute nutrition consultation and we will make a plan of action together! Call us at 240-341-2921 or email at

Stephanie Furman

Coach & Nutrition Specialist
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