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New level, New Devil

It is no secret that athletes love to push to reach their goals and set new personal records.

(Whether you're an athlete, parent, or coach–I bet you've witnessed that determination and drive firsthand.)

Sadly, 99% of athletes encounter mental obstacles lurking behind every push forward.

The question is, are you trying to play at a new level with an old mindset?

I just met with 20+ division one athletes and they are wondering why they "can't perform in games like they know they are capable of".

New level, New Devil, New Strategies Needed. It's that simple, but it takes new steps...

Take These Three Steps.

ONE: Refocus.

When players aren't focused, they have two opponents to beat: the opponent on the other team AND the one in their head.

A lack of concentration can influence practice, performance, and competition.

The simple fact is that ELIMINATION improves concentration in sports.

First, create a plan to eliminate unproductive thoughts. (Note: I just created a 21 Day Social Media Detox Challenge that I am doing with my Inner Circle Athletes- as expected, the results are translating onto the playing field).

Second, focus on the present so you remain in the moment instead of focusing on the past.

TWO: Reframe.

Nervousness is a form of anxiety that stems from negative thinking, fear of failing, inability to deal with adversity, and more.

Whenever those thoughts creep up, reframe your negative thoughts with positive self-talk.

Instead of over-analyzing and saying, "My stomach feels weird; I'm going to screw things up now," embrace the moment.

Say something like, "I've prepared for this moment. It's go time."

THREE: Regain Control.

Stop being weighed down by mental hurdles and take back control.

There are many ways to do this, from measuring your progress to controlling your reactions.

You don't have to do this alone.

Grab a copy of my new book, ATHLETE I'm Talking to You!, and walk through mindset hacks and exercises athletes need to regain control over mental obstacles.

These steps are guaranteed to work, too.

But don't take my word for it.

Here's what college soccer player Vaughn Philips said: "The book has a lot of wisdom in regards to overcoming mental blocks in athletics, as well as general life. I have had numerous knee surgeries, and the approach to overcoming the mindset obstacles is effective and applicable!"

No matter your role in sports NOW is the time to refocus, reframe, and regain control.

Dedicated to your success on and off the field,

Coach Andrew

PS. When you buy a copy of the book, you can grab FOUR free bonuses to help master mindset.

Simply go to my book page and enter your Amazon confirmation number to access your:

  • 15-Day Master Your Mindset Challenge (PDF)
  • Mindset Tip Sheet (PDF)
  • Athlete Mindset Diagnostic Tool (online quiz)
  • Companion Workbook (PDF)

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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