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Myla Bell, Eldersburg February Athlete of The Month

"My name is Myla Bell and I’m a sophomore at South Carroll High School. I am a 2 sport athlete playing softball and volleyball. I have been playing softball since I was 6 and want to play softball at the college level in my future. I joined PFP during the winter/off season to build strength, gain speed, and stay in shape for this upcoming high school and travel season. I didn’t know what to expect going into PFP, I was looking for a place to motivate me to become a better athlete and leader on and off the field/court. I have always been a shy and timid athlete, but PFP has showed me how to be a leader and step out of my comfort zone instead of just following what everyone else tends to do.

Most importantly, the team at PFP has helped me with my confidence and mindset during games. I would expect myself to be perfect and put a lot of pressure on myself. They have worked with me to not be so hard on myself and know that it’s okay to make mistakes because it’s part of the game and it will happen. If I make a mistake now, I know how to respond to it and not let that one play impact the rest of the game. I have come a long way in emotions and body language being an athlete in any sport or during any game I play in.

I am very thankful for the lessons and relationships I have created with the PFP coaches and I’m excited to see my progress this upcoming season from all of the work I have been putting in." - Myla

Adam Little

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