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My Story, My Why [What's Yours?]

My life at 19 was not good. It was 2009 and I had just quit college after almost getting kicked off the basketball team.

I headed back home to attend a community college. I had no clue who I was, what my purpose was, I had no confidence, and I lacked all clarity and direction.

I barely attended classes (I was unfortunately great at getting good grades by doing the bare, bare minimum) and spent the majority of my time getting in trouble and partying with friends.

Everything changed for me when I walked into an indoor sports center to apply for a front desk job.

Meh, a front desk job. What good could come from that, I wondered...

It was day 2 on the job and I walked back into the gym. It was there that I met my first mentor in life-- a guy who was training athletes and pouring into them not just for sports, but for life.

That mentor did 3 things for me:

1. He stopped. He stopped was he was doing and took notice that I was ready -- ready to change my life.

2. He invested. He began pouring into me day and night as I shadowed him (and really just followed him everywhere).

3. He equipped. He challenged me, taught me, and pointed me in directions that would lead to bigger and better things for my future.

This is the FIRST part of My Why.

​Someone did it for me, and in turn, I wanted to begin doing it for others. PFP was born.

Fast forward 9 years and I've seen the difference that real mentors, a safe and inspiring place, and love-powered coaching can make in the lives of SO MANY people- both kids and their parents.

It has saved kids lives who were suicidal. It's helped many kids get off destructive paths and onto better ones. It has helped kids to realize and unlock the gifts that lie inside of them -- to succeed and lead others.

It's provided hope and a better future for so many -- it's helped hundreds if not thousands of people get FIT- physically and mentally. It's empowered and encouraged mom's who had lost their confidence, to now be able to lead their families well again by being the spark. It's even redirected dad's back to what really matters in life (hint: it's not climbing the corporate ladder and making more $$).

This is the SECOND part of My Why.

​I've become addicted to the impact -- I've seen first hand what PFP, the environment, and the people can do for families.

Lastly, it is the purpose that PFP has been able to provide for our team members.

It's provided a place for people to go to work each day where they feel safe and inspired, loved by their leader, and valued for their unique strengths and contributions. It's provided a mission for people that is bigger than dollars and cents, promotions and politics.

It's lead so many team members to find their faith in God, discover their calling, and have a purpose.

This is the THIRD part of My Why.

I want to continue growing in a healthy manner so that more people can spend 25+% of their weeks doing something they love and are well taken care of while doing it.

Why do I share this?

Because I need to be reminded from time to time WHY I do what I do. People often ask me, "How are you so motivated and energetic all the time?"

I know my Why- it burns inside me everyday. I am so, so connected to it.

Your need to know your WHY for:

  • Parenting
  • Going to work each day
  • Workout OUT and taking care of your fitness
  • Eating healthy
  • Playing sports
  • Coaching
  • Being a husband or wife

And any other area of life that matters to you.

I shared my WHY for PFP.

The more important question is, Whats YOUR Why?

Dedicated to your success in sport and life,

Coach Andrew Simpson and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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