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My Kid's Self-beliefs Are Holding Them Back

A teacher named Judy decided to accept a position at a new middle school. Upon arriving, the administration assigned her a classroom of about 20 children.

All semester, she taught them VERY challenging material.

At the end of the semester the children were given their exam. Her children absolutely crushed the test. Their scores ended up being the highest in the entire school.

The administration, SHOCKED and confused, came to Judy the day after scores came out...

“How on earth did you get those students to perform so well! As you know, these were the least intelligent kids in the whole school. They scored lower on the test from last semester than anyone else. They’ve been in the directed classes for the past 2 years!”

“What do you mean?” asked Judy. These kids are brilliant. You handed me their scores at the beginning of the semester and they all scored incredibly high! Therefore I challenged them with the hardest material.”

“Judy, those were NOT their test scores. They were their locker numbers.”

Let’s break this down.

Beliefs→ Thoughts→ Feelings→ Actions→ Habits→ Results

- Beliefs. Judy believed their locker numbers were the student’s test scores. Therefore she believed they scored higher than they actually did.

- Thoughts. Judy thought the kids were brilliant.

-Feelings. Judy felt like they could handle the hardest material.

-Actions. Day after day, week after week, month after month Judy gave (action) them hard assignments, taught (action) them the hardest material, and challenged (action) them with hard projects, essays, and tests.

-Habits. Obviously this became a habit for Judy and for her students.

-Results. Test scores increased, kids got smarter, but more importantly, the kids began to believe they were smart. THEIR thoughts about themselves had changed.

Your child’s beliefs about who they are really matter…

If Suzy believes that she is only liked, valued, and accepted if she scores goals, earns 1st team all-conference, and earns straight A’s, then she will build the HABIT of Perfectionism and doing whatever it takes to gain that acceptance. Ultimately her Results will be burnout, anxiety, and massive stress.

Deep down if Johnny believes they he is a D3 caliber athlete, it does not matter if you and everyone else knows that D3 is below his potential and that D1 is possible. His RESULTS will be congruent with his BELIEFS.

If your kid believes that their voice will not be heard and that coach does not value their opinion, they will build the HABIT of keeping quiet and not having difficult conversations. Leading to his or her RESULTS never changing and their circumstances never improving.

Your athlete should be given the opportunity to learn how to Master their Mindset. A skill they do not teach in school to my knowledge.

Imagine how they will feel once they really understand the Circle of Belief. If they never learn this and truly grasp the concept by thinking about it, learning the stories, and taking is likely they will never learn how to alter their BELIEFS about his or herself.

This is why I created the Athlete Psychology Mastery 3 Part Training. 3 video lessons and 3 blueprint action booster worksheets.

It is inside of the 14-Step Confident, Courageous Athlete Course. Just to give you a quick rundown of what your athlete gets:


  • Training #1: Becoming UNSHAKEABLE Masterclass Pt. 1 ($97 value)  
  • Training #2: Becoming UNSHAKEABLE Masterclass Pt. 2  
  • Training #3: Athlete Psychology Mastery Pt. 1 ($97 value)  
  • Training #4: Athlete Psychology Mastery Pt. 2  
  • Training #5: Athlete Psychology Mastery Pt. 3  
  • Training #6: The 4 Pillar Out of Your Head and In The Zone Athlete Formula ($77 value)  
  • Training #7: The Confident, Courageous Athlete Formula ($17 value)  
  • Training #8: The Motivated Athlete Method ($47 value)  
  • Training #9: The 2 Keys to Unlock Consistent Performance ($17 value)

Plus the two bonus Above and Beyond Trainings:

  • Above and Beyond Training #1- 5 In-Game Performance Secrets of the BEST Athletes in the World  
  • Above and Beyond Training #2- How to Overcome Mistakes FASTER

The athlete course alone is valued at $352. That does not include the 14-Steps to RAISING a Confident, Courageous Athlete Course for Parents.

Why is it so inexpensive?

There is no catch. I know these trainings are MUST-HAVES for your son or daughter. And in order to make it a really easy decision I made the course 76% off until Saturday, 6/15 at midnight.

Go to the page below, enroll, test it out, and if you and your child do not agree that it was worth the price of admission and then some, let me know. This is why we are doing 100% guarantee on the course.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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