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My Husband Won't Eat Healthy

Here’s a message we got from a woman the other day:

“I am looking for a place to help my teenagers reach their athletic goals, engage my 'never been to a gym before' husband and to get me back into a gym.”

Lol, this was a good one!

Do you ever struggle with trying to get your family on board for healthy habits?

Here’s how I used to do it (and it never worked):

  • Sarcastic or rude comments like “You’ll regret it one day” or, “You complain about this and that and you say you want to look and feel good, but your actions say otherwise!” 

LOL man I was really d-u-m-b. I still can be at times.

One because it’s unkind. Two because THEY ALREADY KNOW WHAT THEY NEED TO DO!

Before I tell you what to do, here is the secret: 

Keep living the way you believe is right for you but then trade your expectations for appreciation.

Do you want others to find your faults all the time, or point out the good in you?

✅Love encourages

✅Love protects

✅Love does not criticize, condemn, or make snarky comments (guilty).

You could get them a black friday gift card to PFP to begin their journey to better health and energy. But only if you’ve been kind to them despite them not working out :-) 

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. The Black Friday Gift Card thing is a real thing. Reply and we will hook you up with a PFP Jumpstart Gift Card :) 

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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