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Motivation and Mindset are Not the Same Thing

Motivation and Mindset are NOT The Same Thing

Stop for a second and think about the last time you were motivated.

It probably was not that long ago. It may have been that you were motivated by FEAR. The fear of having a heart attack crept in because you saw someone else have one, therefore you started eating healthier and working out. But it did not last.

Maybe you were motivated by ACCOMPLISHMENT...the thought of being recognized. You found out there was a college showcase coming up in two weeks and you were all of the sudden motivated to train hard, get to sleep early, and eat cleaner than Tom Brady (hey, he still threw for 500+ yards even though they lost). But after the showcase, you went back to the old you.

Maybe you were motivated by the words of a coach or speaker. He or she did a “RAH RAH” type speech or presentation, got you all fired up, and you went out ready to change the world. 24 hours later, that motivation died off…

The question is, WHY?!?

Motivation and Mindset are not the same, and only a change in Mindset will result in lasting change and improvement.

This week at PFP we are teaching all of our athletes about Self-Limiting Beliefs.

What they are, where they come from, and how to overcome them. The “overcome part” is hard because we break the news to them that we do NOT have an inspiring quote or speech that will help them overcome it.

We give them examples and stories of common high-school/middle-school aged self-limiting beliefs. Then, we have them talk through their own...the ones that are truly holding them back. The we have them think about theirs and write them down. Lastly, we provide a teaching map that shows them how to overcome them.

That formula plants the initial seeds that begin to change an athlete’s or any other person’s mindset. In this particular case, it is the way we THINK about what we are capable of. What we can or cannot accomplish.

Remember today that mindset and motivation are not the same thing. Motivation feels good, mindset changes you for good. Motivation is giving a man a fish, while mindset is teaching him how to fish.

Seek coaches, mentors, programs, and education that openly admits that change does not happen overnight. Seek ways to improve yours or your athletes mindset, not just their bodies. When you seek something, you’ll find it.

Dedicated to your athlete’s success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

P.S. We are about to open up early registration to our Mental Preparation for Sport Workshop on Saturday, March 3 from 12-1 pm. This is limited to the first 15 athletes who sign up. Regular price is $49.

However, early registration will open up TODAY and cost will only be $37 for the early birds. I look forward to seeing your athlete there and getting them started on a path to a strong, resilient mindset.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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