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Morgon Corwine, February Athlete of the Month

It is hard to put Morgon’s journey with PFP into words. This place is truly ‘more than just a gym’! From the moment we walked in the door on December 30, 2019 it felt like they had known us for years. The entire team treated us like family and made us feel welcome.

Morgon was a very shy and reserved kid when he first started. They got to know him and would ask us questions about what we were looking for as parents. Over the next three months Morgon started to open up more and more to his coaches and the girls that welcomed him in door with high fives and hugs. Then came the Covid shut down on March 16, 2020. We didn’t know what was going to happen and were very concerned that the progress made in that short time would be lost. Then the PFP staff stepped up again and offered online coaching through out the day! Morgon didn’t miss a beat, he continued working out with the PFP coaches four days a week for the next three months. When we were finally able to get back to in person training on June 24th it was like we never left. Maybe a few less hugs and high fives but it was good to get him back in person. Then it was go time!

Morgon's transformation from that day forward is nothing short of amazing. He definitely is not the shy boy that walked in the door a few years ago. The change in his mental and physical appearance is something that people strive for their entire lives!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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