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More than a Gymnast

This is a quick one today, but the most powerful.


3 days ago a struggling teenage gymnast walked through the doors for a Mindset Session with me.


She's been in a rough spot mentally.


In 30 minutes, her entire demeanor changed. Why? Because the beliefs in her heart changed.


"More than a gymnast..."


Intellectually, she understood this. But it isn't until something gets from our head to our heart that it has the power to transform us.


I got her to [reluctantly] share who she was as a person, really.


"Who are you? What is it about you the person that has made you successful as a gymnast?"


"I've never been asked that question," she said, as she struggled to come up with answers...


Moments passed...


But then, she started to find it.

"I'm a hard worker...

When I focus on something, I can become great at it.

I'm pretty funny and fun to be around ☺️

I'm courageous. I guess I forgot about that one. I've done hard things before."


I then anchored that moment in the conversation with a powerful, but calm statement:


"This is proof that you are more than a gymnast. I never want to hear you say that gymnastics is who you are, ever again. You are WAY more than your sport. You are more than a gymnast."



Two days later we met again, and she was a different person. I asked, "What changed?"


Her response-- "I actually believe now that I am more than a gymnast."


Speak this truth into the hearts of your players today, and mean it. They need to hear it.


Their sport is what they do, not who they are. Who they are on the inside is what allows them to succeed on the outside.  This will give them power, freedom, and confidence.


Dedicated to your athlete's success,

Coach Andrew Simpson 

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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