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"MOM"ing: It's Not All Sparkles and Tutus

You might look at this picture and say I have the perfect family. You might even think I am the perfect mom!

I couldn’t be any further from that statement!

Here is what I know: No family is perfect and not one person is perfect.

We all have our flaws. We all have our messes. We all have troubles and struggles!

You see, this picture was set up. We were told to look at each other and pretend to talk and smile.

Wouldn’t that be amazing if life were perfectly staged?

I am sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news…….Life isn’t a perfect filter. There are troubles and struggles in life. No one can avoid them.

Stop beating yourself up expecting perfect kids, a perfect family and perfect relationships. Stop beating yourself up trying to portray the perfect family either!

Instead expect troubles, struggles and a whole lot of mess. If you go in with that expectation, then you won’t be disappointed when troubles and struggles hit you upside your head. You won’t be startled and taken by surprise.

Life is not perfect. We are not promised an easy life. BUT, we can choose to not get blown off course when troubles and struggles come our way.

Set realistic expectations in your relationships and life. An unrealistic expectation: All my relationships are perfect. A realistic expectation: Relationships are not perfect. If you expect imperfection, then troubles and struggles will not surprise you in life. You will remain grounded and you will be able to deal with each one as they come your way.

Every time troubles and struggles enter my life I find myself placing a check mark beside it saying, “Yep, here’s another one.”

I may not be a mom who has spent lots of money and time getting a “Dr.” or “certified” title in front of my name. I am a mom who has lived “MOM”ing for 18 years. 18 years of REAL life application. Of failing! Falling on my face! Wondering if I was the ONLY mom out there suffering internally and alone!

Working at Player’s Fitness and Performance (PFP), I have the unique opportunity to talk to hundreds of moms in our waiting area. Each mom divulging their silent struggles as a mom.

God has blessed me with an energetic personality. He has given me the gift of connecting with people. I yearn to know people's stories, and my heart has a gigantic capacity to feel every emotion that person in front of me is sharing!

As I watch mom after mom post “perfect filters” of their families, I started wondering, am I truly the only one struggling as a parent? Are my kids the only ones making poor choices? Am I the only mom dealing with consequences from my children's choices?

Nope I am not! And I am confident with that answer!

Mom’s, let’s stop struggling silently. Let’s stop being silent and fake on social media, portraying perfection. Let us come together in LOVE and support each other on this really difficult journey of


It takes a village. I desperately NEED your village. I need your SUPPORT and your LOVE and so does EVERY mom out there!

Lay judgement aside. Life is NOT perfect!

Cloak every mom with LOVE and GRACE! Because LOVE and GRACE ALWAYS WINS!

We Are All In This Together!

From One Mom To Another,


***"MOM"ing: It's Not All Sparkles And Tutus will be available on Amazon April 6th!!!***

Tanya Pershin

Director of Sales & Relationships
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