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Mind - Set

It's hard to change your mindset when your mind is already set on something.

This is the reason why few people truly do renew their minds.

Is your mind set on your past failures? Didn't make the team, was told I was not smart, got bullied, got fired, tried something new and it didn't work out...

Is your mind set on your current plans for the future? If so, you won't be open to hearing the wisdom or mentorship someone may have to offer you.

What else is your mind already set on, and you aren't even open to hearing new truth or guidance if it came to you?

Everyone says they want a better Mindset, and it is available to everyone. But, not if your not willing to change what your Mind is SET on!

"How do I achieve a mindset breakthrough?" (since we know that 95% of success is between the ears, for athletes, non-athletes, and adults)

1. Identify the ways your mindset is currently fixed (this will take some quiet time)

2. Ask a coach, therapist, mentor, parent, leader to give you guidance in whatever area of life you are in need of a mindset shift

3. Be open to receiving it, even IF it is uncomfortable, inconvenient, or painful

4. Apply it diligently and wholeheartedly.

There are some other keys in between there, such as getting your endorphins going and being active to get your mind clear and your senses elevated.

You may need to offload some past hurt, some guilt, some regret, etc. if you are currently being weighed down emotionally.

But all in all, the most important step to a better mindset is to make a conscious decision that your mind is NO LONGER set on the old ways of thinking!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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