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Mentally Healthy Athletes are Consistent

"Occasional" Isn't Going to Cut It

​Not in today's crazy world.


Working on overcoming fear, anxiety, or self-doubt from time to time doesn’t make a big difference.

Reminding a young man or woman from time to time that they are more than an athlete doesn't cut it.


Giving athletes mental game tools from time to time is good, but far from transformational.


It is not what we do occasionally, but rather what we do consistently that transforms us. In today's world, teenage kids need this every single day.


When they get it daily, not much changes ​that day.


But then, like Mary, you wake up one day and realize your son is a captain on his team and he is helping the younger players get better.


Like James, you look up and see Sarah is not only winning every race in the pool, but she is full of passion and life because she is thriving socially, academically, and spiritually. 


Every day of every week in PFP, for 52 straight weeks, each athlete gets a mindset motivational message that equips them to be mentally healthy and perform better. Compound this with ongoing 1 to 1 conversations where our coaches plant seeds of confidence and success, and you have a recipe for transformation.


Consistency compounds and what we prioritize repeatedly ends up becoming the harvest that our kids reap. 


Stay consistent, keep finding a way to get them in!


​Serving your student,

The PFP Team


​P.S. ​To get your athlete started with these motivational messages and the holistic transformational training at PFP, check out our Winning Athlete Formula​ and get their first session free. Kids don't think they will like it and then end up loving it.


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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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