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Meet Greg, The 19 Year Old LEADER

There are some kids out there who truly do want to step out and LEAD. Like Greg. They feel it on the inside, they want to be different.

Greg, in my opinion, is the perfect example of a high school kid who went against the grain, tapped into his true capacities, and became THE athlete, student, friend, and family member he was SUPPOSED to, not the one that society and followers influenced him to be. That objective is hard to obtain alone...

Greg is in the process of overcoming that Need for Acceptance that holds so many of our young people back from becoming leaders. How?

3 years ago him and I started meeting WEEKLY 1 on 1 for some high-performance mentoring sessions. At the time, Greg struggled with fully being himself. Whether it was at practice or in the classroom, he did not have the courage or conviction he needed. Who WAS he on the inside? Greg, The Leader.

What did society and negative influences do to him? They caused him to question his character, actions, attitude, and even personality.

After about a year of Greg and I meeting, things started to change. Why? A simple process called:

Attention to personal growth and leadership development

For the first time in his life, he was actually pausing long enough to REFLECT on who he was and how he was letting peers, coaches, etc. affect his confidence, character, and ultimately his on-field performance. (It’s kind of like home life affecting work life... the things unrelated to sports can actually affect how your kid play)

But the game changer came when he started really deciding, WHO DO I TRULY WANT TO BE MOVING FORWARD? What kind of athlete, student, friend, son?

Confidence and courage are two very elusive concepts and so few kids actually know how to chase them down and become more of them. I know because thousands have told me they WANT more of them but aren’t sure how to get them. Greg figured out that what he needed to do was something different from what he was currently doing.

Where did Greg end up? He just finished with his freshman year of college lacrosse where he started EVERY GAME and is poised to be a main leader on the team next year.

Oh yeah, and he studied all year long to become a Youth Performance Specialist and is actually WORKING with us at PFP this summer. That is what happens when a high school kid invests in their mindset and future success, now.

As you may have already heard, enrollment into The 14-Step Confident, Courageous Athlete Course is open, but closes this Saturday, June 15th at MIDNIGHT.

Click the link below to learn all about the course. The Confidence and Courage training is just ONE of 10 trainings inside this course for your son or daughter to build the mental armor they need to battle against a society of negative influences that tell our kids to shrink back, say nothing, and be nothing.

If you want your kid to take one giant step towards becoming different, becoming the leader, becoming one of the few who can see opportunity in the face of challenge and adversity, I highly recommend clicking the link below and having them begin to listen to the lessons.

These are the lessons that normally cost $170/hr to do 1 on 1 with a Mindset Coach. You’ll have lifetime access to these for not even a fraction of that! I’m excited to do some high-performance mentoring with your athlete. I’m so confident this will be a game changer there’s even a 100% guarantee on this program.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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