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March Athlete of the Month, Travis Fogle

My name is Travis Fogle. I'm 16 and a sophomore at Tuscarora High School. I loved playing football my whole life and came into PFP with the goal of being a better football receiver. Unfortunately, what my parents and I thought would be a quick routine sports physical turned into Doctors detecting an issue with my heart and I wasn't able to play my freshman year of High School. I had multiple trips to see a heart specialist and stress testing at Children's Hospital over the next couple of months following the initial sports physical. The thought of not being able to play sports going forward was devasting. My family and I prayed about it, and I knew God had a plan already designated for me.

Several months later I received news that although one of my arteries to my heart was on the wrong side of my heart, they were functioning as they should, and I was "cleared" to play sports. At this point, I had missed my freshman year of High School Football, but I decided I would transition to playing lacrosse. The coaches at PFP have been helping me develop my speed so I can be the best player I can be. I love working with all the coaches and trusting in them that what they have for me is the best, and it will only continue to help me grow as an athlete. One of the biggest things I love about PFP is as soon as your walk in the door their positivity hits you! I truly believe in surrounding yourself with amazing people.

I'm not just becoming a better athlete but a better person and growing my mindset day in and day out. I love my PFP family!

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