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Manage the Madness, Bring Laughter into Chaos

We crave comfort, peace, and stability.

Sometimes, those three things are not in God’s plans for our immediate future.

Sometimes, there IS not solution other than to be patient, ENDURE, and have faith.

Most don’t like to hear this, but they need to. Life is not Burger King- you do not get to have it your way.

I’ve had periods, just like many of you, where the suffering was intense and the discomfort was massive. I hurt only myself by having expectations of when it should end, who should help me, and how I deserve to feel.

What I should have said to myself is, “Be patient Andrew. Do your BEST with what you have. Be ALL IN on the struggle. Do not avoid it, embrace it. It will bring about beauty down the rode.”

Our student-athletes need to be taught by someone other than their parents that life is not Burger King!

That sometimes, Managing the Madness is the best and only option.

Three Steps to Manage The Madness

1. Do not let the current madness cause you to question your greatness, self-worth, or confidence.

Said another way, “Never let your current circumstances LIMIT your vision for your future.

We have some athletes that have recently experienced drama on their sports teams. Difficult coaches who let players get away with everything, teammates who are selfish…

Athlete, Manage the Madness.

Do your best where you are at right now (which means having difficult conversations, staying positive, staying in YOUR LANE and continuing to give your best at practice, etc.), trust the process, and let the outcomes happen.

You cannot control the waves, you can only do your best to ride them without getting crushed.

2. Bring laughter into chaos. Do not take it so seriously that you lose joy, your smile.

Find reasons to be happy. Don’t stop DOING things that make you happy just because ONE thing is making you unhappy.

Whatever your chaos is, choose to approach it with a VICTOR not victim mentality.

3. Remember your past.

You are still standing aren’t you? Whatever you have gone through in the past, you have gone through it. It did not last forever, and it did not knock you out.

Keep your faith, stay positive, and trust that God will guide you through it.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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