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Love-Powered Leadership Works Best

Why is Love-Powered Leadership the only kind that works 100% of the time?

Because it is the only kind of leadership that puts what is in the best interest of the student-athlete first, no matter what.

If kindness and patience are what that kid needs most from you, their leader, love will deliver that and yield the best result.

If discipline and correction is what that person needs most from their leader, love will also deliver that, resulting in the greatest return.

Love is not a fluffy feeling. It is putting the other’s interest above and before your own. It is the only kind of leadership that balances “authority, command, and control” with “humility, vulnerability, and influence”.

It just so happens that in sports, parents and coaches are not leading with love often enough.

It is evident in the way some parents give pressure packed, pregame reminders and expectations.

It is evident in the parents who scream from the sidelines to vent their own frustrations even though it hurts their kid’s performance and joy.

It is evident in the way coaches lose their patience with players because they "made them look bad", even though we know the leader is always the problem.

It is evident in the lack of Long-Term patience coaches have with the development of a player. We want them a certain way now, so we sacrifice long term health and well-being for short term gains.

It is evident in the way some coaches will bench a player and not communicate the “why” to them or how they can get better. It’s inconvenient and therefore the coach doesn’t go out of their way. Love does, love always sacrifices personal convenience for the other’s benefit.

If we understood LOVE on a practical level, it would strengthen our leadership, influence, and ultimately the joy, success, and performance of our student-athletes.

Love-Powered Leadership wins. This is The Youth Truth.

For more information on the Love-Powered Leadership Movement, check out Coach Andrew's Brand New Book, The Youth Truth: Coaching & Parenting in Today's CRAZY Youth Sports World.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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