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Amy is the reason why we are triple PFP during a pandemic.

She stopped working out a few years a go once she had kids. She thought she was being selfless at the time, but did not realize the power of small decisions overtime in the wrong direction...

She began to put on weight because the kids took away the precious time she used to give to herself to cook healthy meals and workout.

The vicious cycle perpetuated itself and before she knew it, she had gained 25 lbs, could no longer fit into her clothes, began feeling self conscious, felt "blah" more often than not, and did not have motivation or energy to change.

She stopped receiving compliments from her husband, her kids became more and more difficult (as kids do in their early teens), and she felt worse and worse about herself as she zoned in on a couple of friends and co-workers who seemed to "have it together" and were fit, vibrant, and healthy.

Amy came to us ​during the pandemic.​..

She was at a low point. Home life was not good with the kids all home and her husband not handling COVID very well.

Amy was stuck in the same old rut, same negative patterns, and getting the same results.

"When you don't feel good physically, it is hard to be your best self for your family," Amy said.

Amy had a ​moment of clarity​. She made a ​decision. ​She signed up for a Success Session at PFP​​, despite all of the uncertainty.

She had refused to go to "gyms" for a long time. She did not like the vibe, the culture, the pressure...

She read an email just like this, and decided it was time. "If not now, then when?" she rationalized...

Fast forward 5 months, and Amy has re-ignited her motivation and passion.

Her circumstances around her have not changed, but SHE has changed, and she feels amazing. ​She ​has ​lost weight and inches, but more importantly, she got rid of the negative self-talk and limitations she had imposed on herself.

"I am in control, my choices determine my destination."

Amy needed ​more than just a gym, ​and that is what we aim to provide at PFP.​

Why did we decide to triple during a pandemic?

There are many Amy's in Frederick, MD, and we reached a point over the winter where we were at capacity in our current location.

We would not accept this. We will do ANYTHING shy of immoral or unethical practices to reach people and help them achieve the lives of joy, passion, and success that they deserve.

That is our why, and we cannot wait to advance that mission alongside of you in PFP 3.0!

Are you ready to join us?

I want to get results like Amy

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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