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Little Known Secret to Getting Your Coach on your Side

Gain coaches favor without sucking up


This one is for the athletes out there who get so frustrated and upset with their coach and forget that the only person this hurts is themselves.


If you want to successfully get your coach off your back and on your side, there are 5 proven ways to do so. 


We already know that that focusing on the problems, pointing the finger, and blaming your coach is “acceptable” but it is in no way helpful. 


The athletes who end up getting what they want and having a better relationship with the coaches are the ones who master the art of leading up without sucking up.


How to do this:


#1 Lead yourself incredibly well.

Do everything in your power to work hard, be consistent, be the most positive person on your team, practice good habits, and do the things you don’t feel like doing.


#2 Lighten your coach’s load

Every coach has problems. Every coach has a list of 95 things they need to do throughout the week. What can you take off his or her plate? What would this do for your relationship? This is not sucking up, this is simply being kind and freeing up your coach so that he or she can focus on more important things that can help the team win.


#3 Be willing to do what others won’t.

Few things gain the appreciation of your coach (and you can do this with team captains too) more quickly than a player with a whatever-it-takes attitude. What are the things that everyone avoids doing? Playing defense? Taking time to develop the younger players? 


#4 Come prepared every time you have 1 on 1 time with your coach

Most players come to meetings with nothing to add. They simply walk in and expect their coach to tell them everything they need to do better. 

Athletes who end up influencing their coaches and building a stronger relationship always prepare for meetings with their coach. Come with a list of things you believe would help the team, a list of things you think your coach did well last year, a list of things you want to take off the coach's plate or start doing to help the team more, etc.

#5 Become a go-to player.

Every coach is looking for players who will step up and make a difference when it matters. When a coach gets that kind of player, they depend on them and start to be influenced by them. What skills do you need to work on to become a go to player? What type of off-season training will you need to do in order to show up next season and be the go-to player?


You my friend have an incredible amount of control over your responses to your coach. 


If you want to be a leader and influence your parents, peers, professors, and teammates better, all you need to do is simply ask these two questions:


“What causes them frustration and what can I do to help free them from that?”


“What do they really want most and how can I help them get it?”


Helping athletes do sports differently,

Coach Andrew 


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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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