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Leadership Presence = Buy in

We have all been with people who were not truly present- their bodies may have been in the vicinity but ​their minds were a billion miles away.

I've been that person, have you?​To the Coach, Parent, Teacher, Leader of Youth:We are all concerned with our kids ability to be present because of their phones. But like most things, change starts within. Once we decide to be shining examples of presence (not just marginally better than they are) as their leaders, we will have more of their attention on the matter at hand.​Leadership Presence: ​a leader's ability to connect authentically with other people's thoughts and feelings. Once the connection is established, ​the people are far more open to the leader's guidance.If we want to get more buy in from our young people and ensure they heed our guidance, it seems that ​our ability to connect with ​their ​thoughts and feelings ​is step one.Go out there today and make every kid feel like they are the only person in the room 👊Dedicated to our youth's success,Coach Andrew and the PFP TeamPlayer's Fitness and Performance

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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