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Lacking Inward Peace?

Inward Peace

Recently I was at a conference and this one talk rocked my soul.

The Pace of Grace.

Are you going so fast that the word ​peace ​is often far from your vocabulary?

Are your thoughts running so quickly that a senes of ​inward calm ​seems increasingly elusive?

Yes and yes is the answer. After months of being quarantined, many have found themselves ​right back into the hustle.

Busy is an addiction, "go for more" is our condition, and is causes an affliction.

Here is what got me.

Too Fast of Pace = 1) Missed Moments 2) Missed Meaning 3) Missed Miracles

​Today is Friday, August 14th.

On September 14th, what do you ​really want?

More tasks and to-do's, or more inward peace?

If you want the ladder, adopt this phrase as I have:

Pace directly affects Peace, and Peace is True Prosperity.


Dedicated to your success ​and ​peace,

Andrew and the PFP Team

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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