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Kobe, not impressive?

#1 Most Important Lesson for EVERY Athlete...

Kobe was ranked 57th in the nation as a high school athlete.

NOT as impressive as you would have thought, right?

It was intentional.

Everyone knew that if Kobe just stuck with driving and dunking on people, he would have quickly risen up the ranks.

Kobe's response? "Nah, if I do that I may be impressive, but I won't be any better 3 years from now than I am today. I'll focus on improving the other parts of my game and then 3 years from now, I'll be #1 in the world."


Athlete! Your strive to impress is why you are tense, nervous, anxious, and underperforming.

It's time to take back control of your focus, as we talk about in chapter 4 of my new book ATHLETE! I'm Talking to You!

This STRIVE is keeping you from real, long-term health and success.

Try shifting your mindset to:

1. Improving

When you aim to Improve, mistakes all the sudden become catalysts instead of catastrophes.
If your goal is to Improve, you start looking macro and not just at micro-moments like the one at bat, the one game, or even the one season.
Having an “Improve Mindset” frees you up to perform at your best with less stress and pressure on the short term “what ifs”.

2. Impacting
When you aim to make an impact, you can have a bad personal performance yet still make a difference through your energy, serving a teammate, or pointing out an opportunity to your coach.
This is how you were designed anyway— not to focus on self but rather to focus on how to serve.
And it just so happens that WHEN you aim to improve and impact, you end up impressing.

Impressing is not the aim 😉. Small shifts, major difference.

Dedicated to your success on and off the field,

Coach Andrew J Simpson

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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