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Kids Need a Safe Place to Be Inspired

A safe place where kids can come to get strong, be encouraged, challenged, and filled with confidence like never before.

That was the vision 6 years ago that is the ​reality today at PFP​.

Is your child in need of ​more ​than just athletic performance?

1. Athletic Performance Enhancement- getting strong, faster, being able to hit and throw with more velocity, jump higher, etc.

​2. Mindset- be able to master their own mindset, control their emotions and frustrations, build and stick to good habits, overcome mistakes faster, work through fear and doubt better

​3. Leadership- finally have the confidence to step out, step up, and be uncommon. To stand away from the crowd. To have others want to follow you because of how you help them and how you make them feel.

​All 3 pillars are vital to a young man or woman in today's world who wants to be successful without experiencing the unnecessary pitfalls so many kids face. You want your child to be confidently uncommon.

Too many kids are experiencing the crippling effects of comparison, self-doubt, low-confidence, and fear of failing.

There is a better way. We have tested and proven our model to work. To produce more confident, successful leaders in sport ​and life.

Click here to get started today at PFP, we cannot wait to partner with you to help your child thrive.

Serving you and your family,

Coach Andrew and the PFP team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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