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[Keynote] 3 Steps to Master Your Mindset

On June 22nd we had our 2nd Annual Master Your Mindset Event.

I had laryngitis and couldn't do my talk 🤦‍♂️

As promised, HERE is what would have been my opening keynote on The 3 Steps to Master Your Mindset!

Step 1 is also about correcting BIGGEST mistake most athletes and coaches are making when it comes to what they are aiming at. You gotta be extra weary about aiming at the wrong thing because what we aim at, we tend to hit.

Step 2 is about recognizing that you are actually in the WRONG game, how to escape it, and then how to enter into the right mindset where there is less anxiety, tension, and pressure to live up to expectations.

Finally Step 3 is the solution to defeating perfectionism for GOOD by measuring progress backwards. This is a habit for LIFE and one that I have found only 1% of people have (and it just so happens that those 1% are happier, more helpful, less stressed and anxious, and get better results).


Watch my opening keynote for free HERE

Watch the recordings from the other presentations HERE

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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