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It's here! Brand New PFP Fitness Experience

It's HERE!!!

The PFP Virtual Fitness Experience is live and active for you to start using! Assuming you have decided to continue on training at PFP, you now get this as an added benefit. The portal is a gift, no cost, for you and only you. Thank you for your continued support of our business and mission- I believe you are seeing that this virtual experience is totally worth it and valuable.

Adults are still getting their workouts in a getting CONNECTED to one another over video calls.

Athletes are getting "P.E." multiplied by 10! They are getting real, performance training sessions over video calls and are connecting with other like-minded student-athletes. More than 100 kids are already getting their video workouts in as the coach leads the workout. They have structure!

Are YOU signed up yet for the Virtual Training Experience? If not, email us or call 240-341-2921. Check out the calendar here!

In addition, we have just launched the Online Members Only Virtual Fitness Experience Site. It will be updated DAILY with workout videos, workout plans, and all of the links to the virtual workout live videos, plus all of the information you need to stay connected, feel awesome, and be inspired.

Congratulations on being a founding member, you can access below!

The Brand New Virtual Fitness Experience Members Only Website!​

Again, if you are not yet connected to the virtual community, get connected now. Call us or email us to get set up, figure out payments, and most importantly to start feeling awesome ​now​.

Dedicated to your continued joy and success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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