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Is it Really Possible for an Athlete to get Faster?

Is it really possible to help an athlete get faster?


It is. Here is one uncommon key: 


A tense muscle is a slow one…


All great martial artist know this to be true.


The more tense you are an athlete, the slower your muscles move (and unfortunately, the higher risk of injury)

If you are training for speed and are not seeing results, here is why:


1. You are not stretching properly, or at all


2. You are probably moving slowly during your strength movements. This is a common, major mistake. To be fast, you should be moving your weights as fast as you can under control.


3. You don't have a proven plan, expert coaching, or accountability


Get started today at PFP and on the path to better speed and more confidence. Our proprietary Winning Athlete Formula has helped hundreds of athletes get faster and become more capable.


Before PFP I lacked confidence and would get pushed around on the lacrosse field. The strength I've built has allowed me to become a dominate force and I am now consistently one of the fastest on the field! -Skylar​



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Dedicated to your athletes passion and success,

The PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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