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In a Slump? Don't Try Harder

A group of softball players on a team are struggling at the plate. They can't seem to get their bats going.

What do they do?

They try harder. More reps. More focus. More reps. More focus.

More reps isn't bad- it's good to get more reps in. But this approach will takelonger and quite frankly it's not the problem. You can try harder to fit more luggage into a completely pack car all you want-- it's not going to work. You have to remove and replace things first. You need a new approach.

The real problem is that these athletes are operating out of fear and approval.A finite, lie-based mindset.

Here is a Shift they need to make if they are to get out of their slump

Shift from Approval --> Adding Value

From Impress --> Contribute

They need to leave behind the outrageous "If/Then" mindset.

- "If I don't start hitting, then they won't think I am as good as I know I am."

- "If I don't get it going, then my coach will be disappointed in me and start to question my value for the team."

- "If I don't turn this around now, then it will be too late."

The key is to FIRST ask them questions that gets them to come to the answer and shift from disempowering to empowering quickly.

But here is one mindset simple approach that would work far better-- "Ok, bat isn't going right now. No big deal. I've been here before and I always turn things around. How can I add value to the team no matter what my bat is doing? It's not about me, it's about we."

By taking this stance, they are not being careless about their slump. They are shifting their focus to something positive and productive that will shift their mindset and physiology in a positive way.

A radical shift in physiology and focus precedes trying harder. A new story is needed.

This approach will free them from tension and allows them to perform withpoise again.

And lastly, for the faith-based athletes out there who play for God, I feel compelled to share this game-changing mindset shift.

Shift from doing this for God --> to Doing it with God.

For = Approval.

For = Trying to Please.

For = Trying to Impress.

All 3 of those lead to feeling tight, tense, pressure.

Faith-based athlete, I'm talking to you right now. God doesn't need your performance. He wants to do this with you. He wants to partner with you. And you would be wise to make this shift because when you do, you'll have a peace, power, and confidence with you the very next time you are up to bat or at the free-throw line or whatever you are doing. His power at work within you is better than your limited strength trying to do it on your own!

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

P.S. Once you make the mindset shift and remove the unhelpful baggage, you are now free to perform. The Mistake Ritual is now able to work for you. Learn it here-->

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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