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IF ​we ​Actively ​go against the current and choose to care more about our kids mental and emotional well-being, they ​will ​perform better on the field and in the classroom (won't burnout along the way either).​

​IF​ we ​Refrain ​​from​ the pre-game reminders/bribes/expectations, yelling during games, and igniting unnecessary disputes with our kids after games, ​we will all be happier​ and relationships will be better.

​IF we ​Invest ​more time in reading articles, books, and watching videos about how to be better leaders for our student-athletes, everything will get better (because everything rises and falls on the leader- families, teams, organizations)​

​IF​ ​we Stop caring what other parents and coaches are doing and focus on staying in our ​Values Lane​, our kids will grow up confident, secure, not comparing themselves to others.

​IF​ ​coaches ​Choose ​to spend the first 5-7 minutes of practice doing mental & emotional fitness coaching, their kids will perform better, coach's legacy will be stronger, and their team will win more.


You get to choose what matters most to you.

The state of our youth is not good. Youth sports are a wreck. Conformity is at an all time high.

And it is robbing you ​and ​your athlete(s) from daily joy, passion, confidence, ​AND ​PERFORMANCE believe it or not.

Not anymore. You can have your cake (peak athletic performance) ​and ​eat it too (be sane mentally and emotionally).

Can't wait to get ​'The Youth Truth' book ​in your hands when it launches. I've included an extremely special bonus resource for you too.

Dedicated to transforming the lives of millions of students across the globe,

Coach Andrew

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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