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I IMAGINE...[parent/coach/athlete must read]

I want to share with you one of my FAVORITE exercises to do. I do it for my family, my finances, my career, and in this case, my purpose in life to impact millions of kids, coaches, and parents all over the world.

Inspiration Exercise: “I imagine…”

​For the purpose of this article, I changed "I" to "We" because this is what the PFP movement is all about. Our entire team believes that this WILL happen, and as a team we are working tirelessly everyday to see to it that by the time we depart this earth, a dent is made.

What do We imagine?

We imagine a world where every kid has a mentor leader. A humble coach other than mom or dad that loves them unconditionally, mentors them, inspires them, and challenges them to be their best selves.

We imagine hundreds of thousands of coaches all over the world coming together as a community to spread love-powered leadership all over the sports landscape.

We imagine kids going through middle school, high school, and college learning about things that matter: i.e. servant leadership and how to be more impactful, productive, inspiring, helpful, and successful.

We imagine our student-athletes having so much joy playing sports that they desire to continue sports long after organized athletics are over.

We imagine a world where coaches and parents are supportive but recognize and refrain from crossing the line of being overbearing.  A world where kids, coaches, and parents are so secure and confident that they do not need accomplishments, scholarships, power, or applause in order to feel worthy or fulfilled. They know who they are and why they matter and feel no desire to compare themselves to others.

We imagine a world where every young man and woman, with the help of that mentor-leader, discovers their unique gifts, passions, and strengths so that they can live a purpose-driven of contentment, sacrifice, and service.

We imagine a sports industry that God is pleased with. One that honors Him and values things that matter 10 years from now over the ones that wither away 10 minutes from now. No more fist fights at sports games. No more Maddy Holleran stories where a young athlete takes their own life because the pressure became too much to cope with. No more kids losing self-belief because of coaches whose values are out of whack.

We imagine a world where parents and coaches value ‘becoming’ over ‘winning’. The process over the outcome. A world where youth influencers recognize that winning big and 'getting the fruit’ happens as a result of focusing on the root. The Law of reaping and sowing.

We imagine a world where spiritual, mental, and emotional fitness is prioritized over physical practice, knowing that this approach does indeed lead to peak physical performance.

Oh how we imagine a better world for our student-athletes. A culture where our youth influencers always consider the long term implications rather than going with what feels good now.

Confident, strong, authentic, courageous young men and women all over the world. Sports are a tremendous vehicle to develop our next generation of leaders. Generations WILL be changed. It WILL be awesome.”

Everything starts with imagination. A dream. A vision. That is mine. What’s yours? Make sure to write it. As the Bible says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Exercise Idea:

  • ​For my family, I imagine...​  
  • For my finances, I imagine...​  
  • ​For my child's athletics, I imagine...​  
  • ​For my child's academics, I imagine...​​  
  • For my future health (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical) I imagine...

Keep going with this exercise. You cannot be what you cannot see. Engage in this exercise, it could change your life, the trajectory of your child's, and it could positively alter the next generations that come after you.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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