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Huge news...

Good morning!

I am sure you already heard the news last night that Mark Zuckerburg is shutting down Facebook and Instagram due to the current environment.

This means you and I will have A LOT more time to read, connect, and of course, WORKOUT! 🏋️‍♂️  

If you would like to test drive the PFP Virtual Training Xperience, we are offering a No-Cost Test Run of our different virtual programs, followed by a "Pay What You Can" model to ensure you are mentally and emotionally thriving as well as physically vibrant. This is:  


  1. A productive and impactful use of your kids free time  
  2. A way to keep making progress towards athletic goals in a safe, motivating, online "space"  
  3. A great alternative to video games and social media (now that they won't have it anymore)  
  4. A community just for ADULTS who want to lead the family well by taking care of themselves first (unlimited workouts for half the cost)

Click here to talk to a team member and test drive the Virtual Xperience for no cost    

OK! Since you are still stuck on the social media thing...  

APRIL FOOLS!!!!! ;-)    

Check out Coach Steph's Nutrition Tip For You and Your Family!

Sometimes we can over stretch ourselves when it comes to changing habits. We get excited and we try to change everything all at once.  

This is not necessarily bad if you have great systems in place, but you often end up feeling burnt out and discouraged. Why? Because it was not SUSTAINABLE. You bit off more than you could chew.  

Start small. Once you get that first 1 or 2 healthy habits set in place CONSISTENTLY then add on the next healthy habit. Build your healthy lifestyle empire and see how empowered you really are in all other areas of your life! You got this!    

COVID-19 Special Offer: Coach Stephanie is offering a Nutrition Accountability Coaching Session for you for just $40 (normally $65) to help you get clarity on your goals and the roadmap to get there. She will help you with whatever you need-- come up with meal plans, hold you accountable, drive to your house and knock bad food out of your hands!    

Check out Coach Chris's Workout of the Day for YOU!

4​x​4​ AMGRAP

AMGRAP - As Many ​GOOD​ Reps As Possible

Each round will be ​4​ minutes on, 1 minute rest, ​4​ minutes on. You will complete all 3 exercises as many times as possible in ​4​ minutes. After a 1 minute rest, you will ​repeat​ the same 3 exercises trying to complete more reps than the first ​4​ minutes.

Round 1 - ​Strength

12 Sumo Squats (feet wide)10 Spiderman Pushups (one knee comes up to your chest on each rep, or stick to regular)8 Deadlifts/KB Swings/Lunges/or Single Leg RDL's

Round 2 - ​Cardio

15 Squat Jacks10 Ice Skaters (Each)

5 Sprawls (burpee no push up)

Round 3 - ​Core

15 Plank Hop In & Outs10 Side Plank Dips (Each)

5 Superman to Hollow Hold

Did you see this?

Last month we started carrying FitAid wellness drinks in PFP. We sold out 3 times in a month. Everyone drinks them, including our team members.

This amazing company, FitAid, is giving $15 back to gyms who are helping support their members during these challenging times. If you purchase a case, $15 will come back to PFP and we will use that money to continue bringing people into the Virtual Training Xperience who cannot afford it, yet desperately need the hope and positivity that our team is providing through the online experiences.

Buy a case of FitAid wellness drinks and $15 will go towards us supporting an athlete or family who wants to train with our Virtual Fitness Experience but has been financially impacted by COVID-19.

Mindset Fuel for You and Your Family

Are you living a Charged life, a Comfortable life, or a CAGED life??

Click the link above to listen to a 9 minute video that will lead to major breakthroughs for you as a parent, coach, professional, or student.

That is all for today gang. Sorry about the cruel joke (you should pass that on).

We have a few more things happening right now that we want to let you know about so many sure to LIKE us on Facebook and keep checking your inbox- virtual flexibility and recovery workouts, Free P.E. with PFP coming soon (since this is not a focus for elementary online programs), and more.

Serving you,

Coach Andrew

P.S. --> Email for $25 off Nutrition Coaching Session <--

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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