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How to win the battle in your mind

The #1 battle you, me, and any athlete will ever face is the one in our own minds.

My wife WILL get frustrated with me for not doing things the right way, not listening to her, or doing something else wrong. How I respond to her moment after moment, day after day, will determine the success in my marriage.

I WILL experience injuries and illnesses...some small, some big. How I respond will determine if I endure patiently and ultimately triumph, or if I get squashed.

I WILL fail, mess up, and miss the mark. How I respond will determine whether or not I learn from my mistakes and get better or bitter.

When you learn this concept, you take the first and most important step towards winning the “war in your mind”.

The victory lies on the other side of the response.

When you learn to respond proactively to challenges, you develop the mind of a champion. The response-ability comes first.

The challenges WILL happen. The question is, will you respond well or not. It starts with a high-performing mindset.

I have 4 spots open in my most elite level Mindset Coaching program. If you are a parent who:


  • Believes mindset matters most  
  • Is not overbearing or overly emotional about your athlete’s sports, but would like a coach for their athlete who will motivate them to their true potential  
  • Wants long-term success and greatness for your child opposed to short term, temporary wins (you will still like those too, it’s just not your primary focus)  
  • Desires to see your athlete become a true, courageous, effective leader

Than this may be for your athlete. Please call me directly at 301-524-6384 (or shoot me a text to set up a time).

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE Elite Mindset Performance Coaching Program

Athletes who are in this program are working towards:


  • Becoming confident, courageous leaders  
  • Overcoming or preventing complacency syndrome. Achieving a level of success but then coasting and settling for “good enough” (not a good place to be).  
  • Overcome their fears holding them back from exploding to their potential  
  • Being disciplined, self-motivated athletes focused on getting better daily  
  • Being selfless, others-focused teammates (one of the true marks of great leaders)

Time is a barrier you and your athlete will likely have to overcome if you want to be a part of this select group of student athletes who want to win the mental game.

I encourage you to START with optimism and look for a solution, rather than saying “there is just not enough hours in a day to do mindset training too.”

One option is our virtual mindset program.


We have had quite a few collegiate and long-distance athletes experience major mindset breakthroughs in this program. If your athlete is at school or in another state, technology breaks down barriers that could get in your way of developing the confident, successful mindset you know is inside you.

Email me at or call/text 301-524-6384 for a consultation today. I look forward to helping your athlete go to the next level.

Dedicated to your athletes peak development,

Coach Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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