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How to get More Effort from your Athlete

Most coaches struggle to motivate their athletes and get the most out of them. Our coaches are exceptional at it, so I asked them what their secrets were yesterday. Here were their responses:

My Question: You guys are so good at getting your athletes, even the "unmotivated ones", to give their best effort. How do you do it?

Their Answers:

1. Track and praise what you want repeated. Show improvements and explain data as it pertains to that athletes goal. Find out what success looks like for them and then track progress towards it.

2. Build a connection to create buy-in. Listen actively, ask questions, understand their life and their struggles, become invested in them. They won't care what you know until they know you care.

3. Say “I'm proud of you” more. We all want to hear those words more often.

4. Make a strong connection, if you don't have a solid foundation with an athlete, it's hard to get buy-in.

5. Constantly showing them that you care and truly want the best for them. Reach-out to them just because, go to their games and show up at their events, connect with their parents to learn more about them and where you can help, ask them how life is going outside of sports.

6. One way to show them you care is by sacrificing their current wants for their long term needs and wants. They may not like this but it shows you care.

7. Push them outside their comfort zone and encouraging them to try new things.

It's about putting them first. It's a love-powered approach, and it works.

Dedicated to your child's health and success on and off the field,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

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Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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