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How to Develop a Winning Mindset by Keeping Junk OUT of your mind

Like the Queen's Soldier guarding the gates at Buckingham's Palace, we too are wise to ​stand guard at the gate of our minds.

A dad of a young athlete in PFP said to me yesterday, "My son is a tremendous athlete, but from the shoulders up it is not good."

His dad brought him to PFP knowing that what his son had been surrounded with up to this point ​was not working, ​it had lead him to a head full of garbage. So he did something different. He knows that at PFP, we will open the gates and pump in the ​confidence, self-belief, and courage​ needed to have a winning mindset.

What about for you?

What is getting past the guards and into your mind on a regular basis, causing negative thinking and subsequently, less than desirable outcomes?

  • The people we spend the most time with- boss, peers, friends, etc.
  • Social media
  • The news (designed for one purpose and one purpose only--> to hook you in no matter what the damage is to your mind)

​How to renew your mind and develop a confident, winning mentality:

​✅ Listen to a positive, inspiring, helpful story or message everyday. This is the primary reason for our 7 minute Motivational Message that happens at the beginning of every session at PFP, everyday.

​✅​ Read for 30 minutes everyday. If you can't get 30, start with 10!

​✅​ Intentionally get around people who are the kind of person you aspire to be like.

Get over the fact that you don't feel "worthy" of being around them. From age 19-24 I was on a mission and I did not much care if I was annoying or not-- I wanted to be around the kind of people I wanted to be more like.

We all have stuff to work on, and the people you aspire to be like are, for the most part, eager to contribute to your success.

​✅​ Get a coach who breathes heavy doses of belief and outrageous positivity into your mind and life.

​✅​Act the way you want to be ​first, ​then you will be the way you ​acted. ​Smile more, replace your excuses and frustrations with words of hope and optimism, encourage others before you've been encouraged. Do it before you feel it, and eventually you will feel it! ​This is the first foundational concept we instill in the minds our guests when they start at PFP.

​Stand guard at the gates of your mind, that is your action step today!

​Dedicated to your success,

Coach Andrew and the PFP Team

P.S. Your 3 Year Vision. What specifically is your vision for your health and fitness 3 years from now? What about your social life and inner circle? Your confidence and mindset (or your kids)? Take a minute this morning and journal about your 3 year vision. We cannot be what we cannot see!

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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