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How to be extraordinary (and why so few get there)

What do we call the kid or the adult who stands firm, remains radically focused and committed, and continues healthy and helpful habits ​long after they no longer feel like doing it?


Ordinary gives in and gives up when the feeling goes away.

Extraordinary connects to a purpose and generates the feeling over and over and over again.

Ordinary gives a list of reasons (albeit, true and good ones) for why they are throwing in the towel.

Extraordinary views excuses and reasons as unworthy opponents that must be defeated.

Not you.

You. Are. Extraordinary.

How do I know?

You have done it before and that means it is already within you.

​From time to time you and I would be wise to remind ourselves:

We DO have what it takes to remain steadfast, committed, and laser focused on our Why.

What's your why? ​Better yet, Who is your Why?

Who are you going to remain consistent for?

Declare it this morning and set your stake in the ground. If you've kept the door cracked open and have allowed distractions or negative talk begin to creep in, ​this is your wake up call.

​​My friend, if you need and accountability, you know where to reach us!

​Dedicated to your success,

Andrew and Your PFP Team

One Small Decision Away From EXTRAordinary Results

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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