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How to Avoid 2023 Goal Failure

There are a handful of people in my inner circle this year who are absolutely going to fail at their goals. You don’t have to (scroll to the bottom if you want to get right to it). 

Why will they fail?

Because “I’m just going to make it happen” this year is their plan. They are “motivated” and they are going to “do it”.

It’s called white-knuckling your way to a fantasy.

What I encouraged them to do instead was to devise a 4-part impossible-to-fail plan.

  1. Upgrade Your Life Environment

  • Your environment (the people, places) is the single biggest determining factor in a person's destiny. How will you upgrade your environment this year?

  1. Create Structure w/Accountability and Make a Public Declaration

  • What gets scheduled and declared publicly, gets accomplished.

    Me being able to see my own schedule versus also accountable to someone else’s is different.

    Add to that, when I tell 5+ people about my serious goal, it adds a layer of dedication.

  1. Positive Reinforcement + Micro-Wins and Celebrations along the way

  • After you knock over the first domino to accomplish your new goals, and then the second one, and then the third one, inevitably you hit a “life roadblock”. Did you celebrate the little wins prior?

    You get sick for a week, you have a couple of pre-scheduled weekend parties/events, etc.

    You need people in your life spurring you on, helping you set goals, and celebrating with you.

  1. A Proven Plan

  • Which would you bet money on that it would work? 1) The “I’m just going to do it this year” approach, versus, a 6 Week Proven Challenge with a structured training program and nutrition guidance, coupled with weigh-ins/measurements/tracking to keep you on track?

    Or 2) “I’ve got this, you just watch”.

We are rooting for you and if you’d like professional guidance that checks all 4 boxes, here is your chance!

Registration is NOW OPEN for the 6 Week New Year New You Fitness Challenge at PFP!

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Andrew and Your PFP Team

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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