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How the Best "Teams" Communicate, Solve Problems

Do you have a weekly rhythm of getting on the same page with your key relationships in your life? Are you aligned? Are you open, and honest with one another? Or, do you wait until there is an issue to talk/blow up on each other? Do you avoid communicating about problems altogether?

There was a husband and wife who talked openly about issues, all the time. It appeared that their marriage would never last with how much they “fought”. 

However, 20 years later and their marriage is still going strong. In fact, they seem better than ever.


Identifying, discussing, and solving issues together is a weekly appointment for this couple. They are a true team.

If you are the type of person who waits until you are frustrated and disappointed with someone to talk about it (or worse, you just don’t talk about it) then you are making a decision to ruin the relationship.

That may sound harsh, but it is 100% true. 

We all know that failure to communicate will eventually lead to relational failure.

L10’s and IDS

At PFP, the way our leadership teams work through issues is through the Level 10 Meeting. It is a 90 minute meeting on the same day and at the same time every week. 

Here is the structure:

5 min- Each person shares a personal and professional win from the previous week. 

5 min- We review the scorecard each week to get a pulse on the health and success of the business

5 min- We review our 90 day goals to see if we are each on track or not, and how the team can best support if we are not on track

5 min- Member/Team Member Headlines: “Are any of our members or team members particularly happy? Are any of them particularly unhappy?” 

5 min- Review last weeks to-list list for accountability and to see what was accomplished

60 min- Identify Any Issues/Challenges/Frustrations/Things Holding Us Back from Our Mission and Vision Beings Accomplished, Discuss those issues openly, Solve them

5 min- Wrap up

Now, imagine that same concept being applied to a dysfunctional sports team where gossip is running rampant and the team cannot seem to get momentum, unity, and health going…

Imagine the Level 10 Meeting concept being applied to a marriage.

If you have a vision for a desired future but you are not openly discussing issues and working together to solve them, you are delusional. 

There is nothing that can replace the power of having a weekly rhythm of sitting down together and going through some version of the above. 

Why is this so important? So that as a “team” you can get on the same page and re-aligned towards the things that matter most. It is not what we do occasionally (or when stuff really hits the fan), but rather what we do consistently that defines our relationships!

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Andrew Simpson

P.S. Here are 2 ways our team can help you, your athlete, your team:

  1. Team Workshops- communication, goal setting, team unity, leadership.

 If there is a particular challenge your team or your coaching staff is facing, reply to this email and we can discuss if a workshop would make sense or not.

  1. Peak Performance Workshops for Your Son or Daughter- the best athletes take time to work on themselves personally, not just athletically. Tonight at 6:30 pm we are hosting a live and virtual workshop titled: Managing Your Emotional Response In Sports. 

  • For athletes who get way too worked up and angry during games and want to finally control between the ears
  • For athletes who get way to down on themselves and withdraw when it’s not going their way
  • For athletes who are pretty good at this but are hungry to get better and do anything they can to get the mental edge

Sign up here to be a part of the workshop and/or to receive the recording and worksheets.

Andrew Simpson

Chief Vision Officer
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